"Fire is the element of life."

originally from avatar the last Airbender a fallen princess consumed by the fire of her hate. Reborn of her ashes she seeks to atone for what she's done.

Character HistoryEdit

three months an insane asylum felt like an eternity. An eternity to regret how she hurt the people closest to her. All she could think of in the padded room was how she hurt Ty Lee, Mai, her brother and Yuki The only survivor of a village she was ordered to burn down when she was just a child and followed that order without hesitation. However occasionally her thoughts drifted to Toph.

She had one impossible goal in mind upon being discharged redemption. With no other leads and only a rumor she went to Bai Sing sei in hopes that it was true that Ty Lee was living they are now. She never would've dreamed she would also find Yuki and Toph.

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