the first male to ever set foot on the planet after it's been founded.

Character historyEdit

stumbled on the ability to turn female all still on the planet Earth. Much to his surprise he felt much more comfortable this way and decided to identify as female henceforth.

shortly after coming to the planet Beastgirl discovered that she wasn't a native to the DC comics universe she was really from Marvel and had two biological mothers She Hulk and Jazinda.

six months ago he tried to barter for a big meal instead of paying for it and is still working off that that det as a waitress.


Terra (Teen Titans) Edit

is the love of her life.

She Hulk and JazindaEdit

Both biological mothers are trying to build a new relationship with her to make up for lost time.


Her adoptive mother was very accepting of finding out the real origin behind Beastboy/beastgirl. And that her son was suddenly a doughtier. The Two are still very close.


the two seem to share a bond despite not knowing each other for a long time. Quickly forming a sisterly relationship.

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