a DC character on a Marvel team.

Despite originating from DC comics she is one of the members of The Fabulous Five.

Character HistoryEdit

One day on earth her adopted son Beast Boy told her about the wonderful place and that he was reunited with his birth parents. Wanting to meet them herself she decided to accompany the green teenager to Lestopia. Were she met and joiend up with She-Hulk and her teammates.


Invisible WomanEdit

for whatever reason the two characters seem to do their fair share of butting heads.

She HulkEdit

she is very close to the real mother of her child and considers her her main lover but it's currently unaware the feeling is mutual.

Beast BoyEdit

they still consider each other a mother and child despite now knowing where the green teenager comes from.


for elasticity powers have been enhanced to the point where she is at least on equal ground to Mr. fantastic of Marvel comics and plastic Man. She also retains her size manipulation powers making her a powerful opponent to face.

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