in her normal outfit at her computer

Lucky Girl B10

Wearing her lucky girl outfit.

The 10-year-old heroine from Ben 10.

Character HistoryEdit

Gwen was reading outside during her summer vacation with Grandpa Max and Ben when she heard a young girl screaming from inside the Rustbucket. Knowing that there shouldn't be a girl, she looked inside to see a cute little girl that had an uncanny resemblance to her cousin. After figuring out that Ben somehow turned into a girl, she fell in love.

Gwen and Ben found a seemingly abandoned cabin and decided to stay there for a while to spend some time alone. Unfortunately, Charmcaster found them. To their surprise, instead of attacking like she normally does, she instead confessed her love for the two of them, as they are the closest things to friends she's ever had.

Sometime later they decided to try a transportation spell and move to somewhere warmer. Unknowingly the real owner of the cabin who turned out to be another villain, Rojo, got caught up in the spell as she was coming back to the hideout and the four of them were whisked away to Lestopia.


Jen TennysonEdit

She was in love with her cousin even before she was a girl.


The 16-year-old version of her former foe is not only her lover but her closest friend too.

Gwendolyn TennysonEdit

Unlike Ben, she is on okay terms with her older self. However, she occasionally gets annoyed that Gwendolyn is less powerful than her despite being older and supposedly having powers of one of the most powerful aliens in the universe.

Powers and equipmentEdit

Gwen is a powerful spellcaster, more so than her older version, using the The Charms of Bezel.