the 10-year-old superhero also known as Ben 10 from Ben 10.

Character historyEdit

the hero inadvertently discovered a turn into a girl function on the alien weapon known as The Omnitrix. seeing the new change in her cousin Gwen immediately fell in love because despite being a lesbian she had feelings for her cousin.

Before they could spend too much time enjoying the relationship the which Charmcastor decided to pay them a visit. Much to their surprise she was more interested in the lovely couple then doing anything wrong. The three found an abandoned cabin to get away from civilization for a while. Eventually Gwen and Charm decided to try and new transportation spell and wound up on the planet.



Jen is in love with her cousin.


Much to the surprise of the other two members Gwen decided that three way relationship was the best way to make everybody happy.

Jennifer Tennyson and Rex Edit

Jen's 16-year-old self and the Evo hero give her the creeps.

Powers and abilities=Edit

The OmnitrixEdit

Jen has become much more skilled at using the watch thinking strategically more than she used to.

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