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Medusa originally from Greek mythology.

Character HistoryEdit

Medusa was first seen on the planet by Harley Quinn standing over a statue of her wife Poison Ivy. Inexplicably the clown knew not to assume the worst. However he stumbled on Medusa's hypnosis ability which even she didn't know she possessed. this caused Medusa to live in self-induced isolation for a long time only going out when she was absolutely out of food.

Powers and abilities Edit


the truth behind the myth turns out to be that she is a brilliant stone Carver able to make wonderful intricate and realistic statues in very little time.


before she had the ability wished away she possessed powerful hypnotism powers that she could not control.

Monster physiqueEdit

her snakes have a hive mind with some degree of connection to the main body allowing her to maintain a 360° awareness of her surroundings. Due to her monstrous nature she is powerful and durable for her size able to go weeks with out eating and has powerful teeth and claws.

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