Wiki Repunzel 2

Sunny and wild just watch out for the frying pan

originating from Disney. Princess Rapunzel let out a little bit crazy soon after she arrived on the planet.

Character HistoryEdit

she appeared on the planet soon after her hair was cut by Eugene. after arriving on the planet lost and confused in mourning of the loss of her glorious hair Princess Celestia restored them to their former glory but inadvertently caused her to go slightly insane.



she is in love with the Scottish princess but is unsure whether or not the feeling is mutual.


they're good friends despite their feud over Mérida.

Other princessesEdit

she normally gets along with the other Disney princesses who mostly regard her warm personality and quirkiness as a breath of fresh air compared to the overall seriousness of the majority of them.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

after her hair was restored it retained its healing and illumination abilities it had before being cut. Additionally her hair has also become entirely indestructible and she now has the ability to manipulate it on her own using it as extended limbs armor and a weapon.


She still uses the frying pan when she goes and to combat a lot despite receiving formal self-defense training.

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