Tara Possible

an ordinary girl who got swept up in a whole bunch of crazy.

one of the girls originating from Kim Possible. And a member of Kim's family.

Character HistoryEdit

Kim Possible was getting ridiculed for showing up at the Prom with a woman on her arms. So not knowing if anybody else would join her Tara came out as well. To her surprise several other members of Middleton highs inner circle joined her.



they dated casually before they worked up the courage to be out in public.

Kim PossibleEdit

Took some convincing but she eventually you will is best to invite the blonde into their family. And she's grateful every day for it.

Skills and abilitiesEdit

she has extensive knowledge of Cryptids and the supernatural. As well as being skilled negotiator.


an enchanted balance scales designed to control pests she as of yet hasn't got a chance to use it.

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