The planet of Lestopia was discovered by accident by StarFire and her Lovers as well as Jinx, Supergirl, and Batgirl. it is a mostly tropical planet that mysteriously exists in every alternate dimension simultaneously.

planetary specificationsEdit

Lestopia has a large M class planet orbiting a yellow Star with three natural satellites. The majority of the biosphere is tropical jungle and it was originally believed to be the only biome on the planet. however it has been confirmed that there is also two oceans, at least one desert and tundra at the polar regions.


There are nine major settlements on the planet of Lestopia. Capital city, Newport, Snowcap town, Lone Star Town, Industrial,Sunnygreen, Mystic Island, Island 63 and Aquarius

Other PlacesEdit

Dinotopia was transferred to the planet when a wish when very wrong.

Monster Island.


The planet features nearly a 90/1 female to male gender ratio. Furthermore the majority of males on the planet are able to turn female and usually do so whale out in public.

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